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Rwanda Car Rentals takes the lead in catering to the independent traveler through self drive car rental safaris in Rwanda. When renting a vehicle from us, you can be sure that comes with a big dose of expat insider tips, as we love Rwanda, and we love to share where we like to go to on our roadtrips with a Self Drive Car from Rwanda Car Rentals.

Creating the perfect holiday inRWanda for you and your companions now easier with Rwanda Car Rentals . If you are looking for an accessible, good value, easy to book rental cars in Rwanda ; you are on the right place. We specialise in providing rental cars tailored to match your needs.

Our country is ready to offer the best mix of attractions for tourists.The atmosphere, architecture, history,Mountain Gorillas ,Primate Watching in Rwanda, museums, bazaars with fascinating selections on Self Drive Car Rental .

Go self-drive with a Rented Car from Rwanda Car Rentals.

We believe Self driving at your own pace is the best way to experience Rwanda’s beautiful landscapes( MOuntaineous), diverse cultures. Our Toyota Landcruisers or Toyota RAV4's are the perfect vehicles to take you around the country.Here in our website you will find the necessary information about our rental cars in Rwanda. 
Car Rental Rwanda is available at all the major Rwandan transport hubs including the Kigali airports . When you come out of arrivals there are no charges to worry about as all the airport surcharges have already been paid. In fact there are no hidden costs at all.

We try to make life as easy as possible for our customers. Rwanda Car Rentals come with a Empty Tank of petrol and an unlimited mileage offer so you can go wherever you want. To help you our staff can give you tips and travel advice as well as maps of the area. There are even handy sat nav systems available with our cars so that if you don’t understand Rwanda you can still find your way around.

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