Driving Advises


Tips on driving a hire car abroad Having a rental car on holiday in Rwanda can you save the hassle of sorting out transfers and offers you the freedom to really explore your destinations in Rwanda with a cheap car hire from Rwanda Car Rentals? But, driving a rental vehicle abroad can be stressful and expensive if you don’t prepare. Follow our top tips to save time and money. 1. Check your driving licence is valid and make sure you have all parts of it together and ready to pack before you go away. And, well in advance, find out whether you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive where you are going. 2. Find out what you are legally required to have in your car when you are driving in your destination and check these items are in your hire vehicle before you set off. Not having certain equipment, such as reflective jackets, can result in fines. And remember to get the emergency number from your rental company in case of a breakdown. 3. Not knowing the driving laws – such as speed and drink driving limits – in the country you are visiting could result in you inadvertently breaking the law. So, do a little research before you travel to prevent any costly mistakes. 4. As you would at home, shop around for petrol while you are away and look out for competitive prices in local supermarkets and petrol stations while you are travelling rather than relying on motorway stations. And, before you drive your hire vehicle away, find out whether it runs on petrol or diesel as well as what the fuel is called where you are. 5. Do your homework on the common road signs you may see in the country you are visiting. Remembering to stick to the correct side of the road for the country you are in and being aware of road signs in a different language will help you navigate around a new place without stress and worry.

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